Medical Alert System w/Fall Detection & GPS

Falling is the biggest threat for the elderly population.  A serious fall may lead to declining function or poor health.  What happens if you fall down inside your home or outside in the yard and are unable to reach or access your alert button?  Safe Living of Wisconsin takes care of any possible scenario for you with their Fall Detection and GPS “Go Anywhere” Devices.


Care Watch Fall Detection GPSWhether you are preparing food in your home, walking around your Waukesha, Brookfield, or SE Wisconsin neighborhood, or going for a bike ride along Lake Michigan in Milwaukee 20 miles from your home, feel confident with complete protection and peace of mind while wearing your GPS Care Watch Device.  Your mobile Safe Living Care Watch Device has cellular technology which allows you to go wherever you would like with accessibility to Safe Living’s Care Center Operators anytime.  With Two Way Voice recognition where you can talk and listen to your Care Center Operator and GPS location via satellites to locate you in an emergency, have no fear that help can get to you promptly.  The Safe Living Mobile Device will last up to 36 hours before needing to be recharged and comes with a convenient cradle charger.  Audible notifications of when a recharge is needed makes it so simple and practical, all worry can be appeased.  With the durable yet lightweight structure, it can be worn as a pendant or on your wrist.

Keep it simple and take out any concerns when traveling or enjoying a sunny Wisconsin day at a music festival or a picnic with the family in Waukesha.  Call Safe Living Technologies today to receive your Mobile Care Watch Device!

Medical Altert System featuring  fall dectiontion device that automatically calls for help when a fall is detected and mobile device with GPS helping seniors keep their indepndence CALL Safe Living Technologies Today!